For Peace of Mind When Your Pet Stays Behind



Judy Kimbler of Cherished Ones Pet Sitting service is a fabulous resource for cat lovers, or anyone with animal companions!  We have used her cat-sitting service exclusively for almost 20 years, and we have never had a single complaint.  We have two cats, and one is quite shy; they won’t interact with most people.  But when Judy arrives, our cats greet her, enjoy their food without hesitation, and happily play with her string-pole toys as long as they can.  Judy has an amazing, intuitive rapport with cats, and with all animals; they just seem to trust her instinctively.

Judy is reliable and trustworthy; you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your pets will always be well taken care of while you’re away.  She is helpful and communicative; she always sends us an email after each visit, letting us know how our cherished ones are doing, usually accompanied by a video of them playing happily.  Whenever we want to get away, it’s Judy that makes it possible. 

Judy’s rates are reasonable, she’s local, gives great service, and our cats love her!  We highly recommend Judy for all your pet sitting needs!


Jerry & Barbara



Over the years, Judy has become more than just a pet sitter/dog walker; she has become a trusted friend and confidant to our pets and family. Her professionalism, punctuality, and the loving way she treats our pets make her an irreplaceable part of our lives.

I can’t thank Judy enough for her dedication and commitment over the past decade. She has played an essential role in our pets’ happiness and well-being, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking exceptional care for their four-legged family members. Thank you for being a fantastic dog walker and friend to our dogs and cat!

 Chris and Lisa



Cherished Ones Pet Sitting

A perfect name in function and form. Judy is certainly a marvelous Pet Sitter, but that is leaving short what had made her the greatest companion to our pets outside of the family. There is nobody – at all – ever- who would Cherish your companion with more love, care, and compassion than Judy. She makes you a better caretaker of your own pets, whether food, shelter, healthy living or protection. She is honest, reliable, and loyal to her clients and –even more importantly to your cherished pets. In life, occasionally, you may cross the path of someone very special – our family, our awesome dogs and ferocious cat are so very blessed to have Judy to call when we need help with our Cherished Ones.

A Cherished Ones client for 10 years,

-Paul M.



We have been working with Judy since 2021. She has often cared for our three kitties while we travel. Judy is by far the best petsitter we have worked with. She is truly an animal lover, and it comes across in how caring she is when she interacts with them. She knows a lot about animals but more importantly, they seem to instinctively trust her. You can tell that she enjoys working with animals and that she has had a lot of experience. I know our cats are always extremely well cared for while we are gone and that gives me great peace of mind. On the practical side, we also appreciate how dependable, organized, and communicative she is. She’s truly wonderful and we highly recommend her.

– Sascha



Judy at Cherished Ones Pet Sitting is conscientious, dependable, and kind. Our cats love her! She’s earned our loyalty and that of our kittens and cats.  Judy has been very flexible, working with us when our cats had complicated medical situations, and also when we were out of town with complicated travel arrangements with limited communication.  We’ve been clients since 2013.

–   M & C, Carlsbad.


Feb. 9, 2023

We have used Cherished Ones Pet Sitting service for nearly ten years.  Our time away from home has varied from just three or four days to over two weeks.  There has never been a time that we have had a worry about our cats or our home.  Judy is not only professional, she is personal and takes time
to know our cats ndividually.  We have three generations of wedgehead Siamese, and they are completely comfortable and secure with Judy.  We would highly recommend Cherished Ones Pet Sitting for anyone that wants a reliable, trustworthy, and caring person to look after their cat family.

-Siamese Lovers in Carlsbad



We have used Judy at Cherished Ones Pet Sitting for almost 13 years. We first started using Judy when the two cats were just kittens. Judy is very organized and thorough. We know that our house is secure, and that the cats are very happy when we return. On one particular trip we had a family emergency and had to leave the same day with no notice. Judy was able to take care of both cats. We ended up having to stay for almost a month. The cats and house were in great shape when we returned. Judy takes care mail, trash, everything that is needed. She is a genuinely caring person, and the cats love spending time with her. Repeat service is easy to schedule through her website. We highly recommend her service.

-Mark and Sharon


Feb. 4, 2023

Judy is pretty much the only person I fully trust with my pets since 2015..  She always shows up when she says she will. She spends time playing with my cats and they love her.  She taught my dog how to properly walk on a leash and she has taught me quite a few things about dogs and offered several suggestions which I have used to help him have a better life. I have referred Judy several times and everyone loves her. I absolutely always know I can count on her to take care of my babies so that I can actually fully relax when I leave town.  




We feel so fortunate to have found Judy almost 10 years ago and cannot imagine a more caring and responsible walker for our boy. Judy takes exceptional care of Riley, is attentive on walks, and ensures his enjoyment and safety. We appreciate her post-walk updates to know all went well. Most importantly, Riley LOVES Judy. He gets excited just hearing her name knowing she’ll be visiting again soon! 

Thanks again Judy!

-Jon & Ashley


Feb. 10, 2023

If you want somebody to treat your pets like family, the same way that you do, then definitely reach out to Judy at COPS. She is amazing, and our cats absolutely love her!

We’ve hired Judy as a pet sitter numerous times over the last several years and we would not want to handle it any other way. No matter how far away or for how long we travel, we can leave our cats at home in the environment they are used to while having peace of mind knowing that Judy will take excellent care of them until we are back. Judy sends an update every night, letting you know how your pets are doing and also gives a fun breakdown of the (extremely creative) play time. This always comes as an email, and sometimes even texts with pictures –so you always know that your fur babies are in good hands.

It is obvious that Judy really cares about the well-being of our cats and that means everything to us. She even called us one time when she heard that a brush fire had broken out close to our house to make sure that we were at home and aware of the situation. We recommend her 1000%!!

-Adam and Carolin, San Marcos  



Rating:  10* / 10*

Judy Kimbler of Cherished Ones Pet Sitting has been taking care of my cats since 2011 and has always done an outstanding job. All 3 of my cats have bonded with her, even my youngest and shyest girl who won’t come out for other people, even family members. The older 2 treat Judy like a beloved cat sibling.

Judy is great at faithfully following the detailed feeding instructions that I leave for my spoiled [NOT] felines. And she’s fantastic at adapting when they change all the “rules” on her, as cats are apt to do! Judy not only sees to the litter box, she dispenses cats meds [when required], plays with them and brushes them — the latter two making her the ideal kitty playmate!

Judy handles all the peripheral duties — mail, plant care, lighting requirements, trash/recycling, etc. — with true professionalism. Her daily evening emails, and occasional texts with pictures, are the final touch to reassure anxious pet parents. Cherished Ones Pet Sitting is a definite requirement for pet parents on the go!




Judy Kimbler from Cherished Ones Pet Sitting is our pet sitter for our cat Sophie.  We hate to leave Sophie as she is such a social cat but knowing that Judy will be visiting her daily eases our minds as we know Sophie will be well taken care of.  Judy sends us an email and pictures almost daily with an account of how Sophie is doing and the games they are playing together.  We trust Judy 100% that our home will always be secure and Sophie safe.  We started using Judy in 2018 and won’t even consider a different sitter.  Judy has been in the business for many years, has a great reputation, is very professional, trustworthy and is a very kind person that loves animals.  You will be so pleased and thankful if you hire Judy.


Terri and Paul Guess, San Marcos



To those concerned an open letter re: Cherished Ones Pet Sitting:

My wife and I have had the pleasure of using Judy Kimbler and her services taking care of our cats over many, many years.

I say we have had the pleasure because when our “babies” are in her care as we are away we literally have zero concern for their welfare, safety, happiness and the integrity of our house.

She provides them with her utmost attention and sends us an Email each morning detailing their play time with her and any idiosyncracies we should know about and their general health. The comfort we receive from this is priceless.

In addition to taking care of the kids, I know our plants are watered and the mail is taken care of.

Her services are peerless and as such we are blessed to have her as we feel we can travel that much lighter in the knowledge our most cherished ones are well taken care of.


-Lisa and Marc Creswell



For over 10 years we’ve trusted Judy of Cherished Ones Pet Sitting with the care of our favorite family member, Cindy. She is very responsible and truly cares for our dog and we love the daily updates if we are traveling and out of town. We know Cindy is in great hands and happy to get visits, walks, play time and love from Judy. It makes us happy knowing Cindy is happy with Judy. Our tortoise is well cared for too!  I’m so happy my friend recommended her to me when we adopted Cindy back in 2011. 

 -Alice H



Judy Kimbler has cared for our pets since 2016 (three dogs ranging from puppies to senior care). Judy is incredibly dependable, provides total devotion to our pets, and is the person we rely upon for our pet care needs.

Her visits with your pet are engaging, rewarding and leave you with a sense of peace knowing that your pet is living its best life in your absence.

We strongly encourage you to consider making Judy Kimbler an important part of your pet care needs. We have and do not regret it.

-Rod & Linda Couts


Feb. 4, 2023

There’s no one we would entrust our precious cats to than Judy Kimbler. We’ve been using her services for 12 years to care for the cats and house when we travel. The peace of mind knowing Judy is there daily to play with them, feed them etc. is incomparable. Nightly email entailing what’s happened that day along with occasional photos shows how much Judy cares for our cats.

There is simply no better choice for your pet’s care than Judy.

– Shel



We highly recommend Cherished Ones Pet Sitting. Judy Kimbler has been nanny to our cats for more than eight years.  She is very professional and caring and we are comfortable leaving our kitties in her care when we are traveling.  She is absolutely trustworthy and keeps a close eye on our property as well as taking excellent care of our cats.  Her rates are reasonable and worthwhile given the quality of her service.  Our kitties love her, too.

-John and Donna Stewart



“Judy has been taking care of my cat while I travel for many years now.  She is honest, reliable and always updates me with photos and a narrative of how the visit went each day.  My cat is much calmer, far less stressed and happier when I return after the in home visits and playtime with Judy, as opposed to boarding her.  I highly recommend Judy to anyone who prefers to keep their cat (or other animals) at home during your absence and to avoid the adverse effects of sending your pet to a cramped and unfamiliar location.  

-Drew F.”



Judy Kimbler is amazing! Look no further for a top-of-the-line sitter who will put your mind at ease! She has provided care to our cats for over 19 years, and all needs were met beautifully. Her professionalism and conscientiousness create an environment of safety and comfort allowing us to be worry free while we’re away.

Judy’s expertise includes awareness of potential pet illnesses and pet first aid. Her ability to play with our cats leaves them in great spirits!. She goes the extra mile — texting or emailing progress reports, taking pets to the vet, picking up pet food in emergency situations and caring for our home as well.

-Cynthia, Solana Beach